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DANCING – NOT JUST FOR FUN, BUT SO MUCH MORE… As a mom of two girls and a wife, there is not always time in a day to do what you really like and enjoy and with having to work to help financially time is even less. This was until I found Step2Stage Dance Studio where I initially just wanted the girls to dance, but with seeing they do dancing for all ages, I joined in as well and have not been sorry since. It is fun for me and for my girls and it gives us something we can do together.
We dance for the love of it and enjoy every moment of it but for me it is more than just that too. It gives me an escape from what is going on around me, gives me a moment to just enjoy and let loose for a little while. That 45 minutes to an hour that I dance is my time and I can let go of what happened during the day or the week. When I walk onto that stage, whether it is to just practice and learn new dances or on show night, dancing is all that matters to me at that moment in time. I just dance.
Both my girls also love to dance and I can say it has done a lot for them too. It has helped them make friends and most of all build their self-confidence and for girls that is important. I will say that it has helped my youngest a lot as she used to be introvert and scared to even look at people, but since she has danced she has come out of her little “shell” and has shocked everyone with the open and friendly girl she has become.
I know dancing is not always for everyone, but for us it is the one thing that we truly enjoy and that I know we will not give up.

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I have seen how my daughters confidence has grown and definitely by the influence of Hip hop dancing with Step2stage. Last year when my daughters went to the school disco they spent the whole night outside and did not enjoy it at all. This year the one refused to go saying she hated it. After much encouraging she went. When I went to collect them they were inside having a ball and did not want to leave. When we discussed the difference between the 2 years they agreed that attending Hip hop lessons gave them more confidence. Thanks to the amazing dance instructors at Step2Stage studio

– [SIC] – Tina Gass

Thank u for ur confidence in me and my voice cause when I sing around others I am so unsure of myself and lack confidence with u its so relaxed and such an awesome environment and I just luv it…. And u don’t just help people to sing u help build confidence in them and u teach me that I can sing those songs I never thought I could sing…. Ur an amazing teacher

– [SIC] – Janice

Hi ronel, this message is long over due, u are auch an amazing person and teacher. u made my life a lot easier with helping me with dancing esp when i couldnt get a move, u didn’t give up and helped me, u put in extra time to help with exams, i had suffered from depression and was suicidal at a point, dancing was my only escape and u are the one that introduced it to me and im grateful for that, thank you?

– [SIC] -Name Withheld

gosh I haven’t even said what I wanted to say and I’m already getting emotional ?

I’m still so overwhelmed with everything, when I sit and look back at how shy and introverted I was compared to now.?

I have gained the confidence and self worth I thought I would never have. Step2stage has made me the person I am today. I can go on forever…
I can not even begin to explain what all I have gained from this. dancing with you was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I am so proud to be who I am today!

Thank you for always being there for me even during my toughest times. And for all your understanding!

hope you don’t mind but I’m going to stick around and dance until I’m old and can’t move any more….maybe I can even still try use my walking stick as a prop!
Lol lol lol

I’m still smiling from ear to ear and proud of myself for what I achieved this year! All my nerves and panic attacks paid off at the end ?☺???

Thank you so much Ronel! Love you so much!!❤

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